How To Earn With Vallyworld Income Program Easily

Yes, it is no longer a news as Vallyworld income program (VIP) has been trending all over the social media platforms to the extent that a day or an hour never goes by without you seeing people’s post about this great platform. Vallyworld is a website created for entertainments and politic purpose, reading latest news such as gist, lifestyles and all.

So, instead of being just come and read website like other websites, the CEO (Stephen/ 09071751301) came up with an idea of turning the website to a earning website. Undoubtedly, the users wont just visit to read and go as usual but they also earn as they read news on the website.

I can boldly say, Vallyworld is one of the best and top revenue sharing website in Nigeria and it is different from others that are now intimidating this system.

Making money with Vallyworld is very easy. Though you will need to pay a one-time registration fee of 1600 in order to become a member of this great platform which will give you access to the daily tasks you will need to do to make money on the site. You can register with Vallyworld and start making money now.

How Does Vallyworld Income 
Program Works?

Vallyworld Income Program (VIP) is all about the earning purpose. You need to purchase this package which is N1,600 in order to start earning on the Vallyworld income website. Its part of the program which Vallyworld shares her revenue their eligible members.

On Vallyworld there are 2 different ways you can earn money from: 

  1. Vallyworld Ad Revenue Sharing (VARS).
  2. Vallyworld Affiliate Program (VAP)

Click here to register and start earning on Vallyworld now.

Vallyworld Ad Revenue Sharing (VARS).

VARS is Ad Revenue Sharing. As a member of Vallyworld, you can earn whenever you participate in any activities on the website. VARS consist of Sharing Sponsored Post Commission, Daily Login Commission, Commenting Commission etc.

Vallyworld Affiliate Program (VAP)

VAP means Vallyworld Affiliate Program. As a member of Vallyworld you earn 75% of each person you introduce to the program as a referral bonus.  Your referral is the person you invite to the website via your referral link. You earn N1,000 each from their registration fee is that not great?.

Registering On Vallyworld Income Program. 

Registration process is easy.
Click here to join Vallyworld now

How much is Vallyword Income Program registrtation fee?  

Vallyworld registration fee is N1,600 only.

You can pay the registration while registering either with your ATM Card or through Coupon codes.

What is coupon code and how can I get it? 

Coupon code is a code you purchase and apply on the registration page. Once you applied this code, it will display the total amount which you purchase the code and your account will be approve instantly.

For instant account activation, I will recommend you buy coupon code from coupon vendors to complete your Vallyworld income program registration. You can contact these coupon code vendors below to get yours at the rate of N1,600 which is the same as registration fee, no charges.

Vallyworld Coupon Code Sellers

(1) Peter Cyprian

(2) Stephen Gideon

(3) Korve Solomon

(4) 07016121569
Jamiu nasiru

(5) 08107682616
Mayowa Ajayi

(6) 08138895453
Ndu _busi

(7) 09019302977
Idiabane favour

(8) 09079916910

Jerry Collins


Lucky Boniface Ekeke

08029942124- call

WhatsApp: 0902 325 2282


Taozon Hassan


Referring people to Vallyworld income program earn 75% commission:

Once you are done with the registration and your account has gotten approved, a referral link will be generated for you from your Vallywolrd dashboard menu, copy it and start using it to register your friends and family.

Earning on Vallyworld income Program.

  • Welcome bonus: N250
  • Daily Login: N50
  • Reading news: N5
  • Commenting on news: N3
  • Sharing of sponsored post: N100
  • Invite and earn N1000 as referral bonus.

So, you can be making N15,000 or more monthly with little efforts but am sure you will want surely want to earn more, so don’t start inviting your friends and family to this great website too.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum of earnings you must have before you can request for withdrawal is N6,000. And payment are processed three week.

Some Payment Proofs From Vallywold Income Program

So What are you waiting for????

Click Here To Register and start making money on Vallyworld Income Program now.

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