How to Make Money with Your Smartphone in Nigeria 2020 (Guaranteed)

Do you want to make money online with your Smartphone in Nigeria?

Yes, you heard me well, am talking about your big Smartphone not your Akpako.


I have received a lot of messages from friends “Please can you teach me how to make money with my Smartphone

That is why I decided to write this article especially for people like this.

Meanwhile, who said you can’t make money online using your Smartphone? Increase the volume and tell him you can.


Oh yes, you can actually make money online using your Smartphone.

All you need is internet connection which am very sure wouldn’t be your problem.

Whoever says you can’t make money online using your Smartphone, tell him loud and clear “Mr. Ok said I can”

Lol that’s was funny right?

Oh yes, you can earn a living online using your Smartphone.

Just make sure you have data on your phone.

And am very sure you can pay for data to chat on Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook.

Thank God for giving you that sense that you can also use that same phone to make money online.

But first of all I have to tell you this:
You cannot create a solid business online using your Smartphone.

Yes you heard me well, it won’t be so flexible.

But you can start with your Smartphone now and then later when you have make some good amount of money you get yourself a Laptop and start something that will fetch you a lot of money.

If you follow this steps am going to show you in this post gradually, you can make enough money to get yourself a brand new Laptop.

Many people have done it, include me too.

So, let’s get back to the purpose of this post.

How to Make Money with Your Smartphone in Nigeria 2020 (Guaranteed)

There are different ways you can make money online with your Smartphone but in this post am going to share what works for me personally.

So you can use the same method I used and get the same or even better outcome.

So choose one out of the two I would be sharing with you in this post.

Spend at least 20 days doing this, you will surely get a good results and also come back here to thank me later.

Referral marketing

Referral marketing is the easiest and simplest way to make money with your phone online.

A lot of people here in Nigeria are jobless and are looking for ways to make money with their phones legitimately.

Your work is just to invite them to some sites that are legit, so that they can start making money and you also earn commissions for inviting them.

You earn sweet commission for referring them and they make money from your recommendation too.

Undoubtedy, there are a lot of these referral sites in Nigeria and they include Instant Kash, NNU, Newspay, Giftaworld  etc.

I will advice you face and focus on just any one of these platforms listed above that is legit.

If you ask me, I will recommend you start with Instant Kash income program because it’s very easy and legit.

You can invite your friend who wants to make money online to Instant Kash and earn 75% commission as referral bonus.


It’s as simple as that, you can tell your friends something like “ Hi pals, I know about a site where you can read news and get paid, you make up to N40,000 weekly reading news and sharing sponsored posts on Facebook everyday”

Its as simple as that.

Once people register with your referral link, you earn your referral commission.

Remember this is something you can do with your Smartphone through Facebook and Whatsapp or any other social platform.

Yeah, it’s advisable to start from this place using your Smartphone, make some money, get a laptop and later you can upgrade to other big stuffs like blogging affiliate marketing, etc.

A lot of people have bought laptop with money they made from Instant Kash using their Smartphone.

Am only telling you all these things for you to know it’s possible to make money online with your Smartphone.

You just have to focus and be serious.

Most of these guys don’t refer people offline, most of them got all these referral using their facebook timeline and whatsapp.

Referral Marketing is so nice and sweet if you know to do it.


Want to know how to register to Instant Kash Affiliate Program, click here.

Other Referral Programs 

Recharge and get paid I have heard a lot about this program via Whatsapp and Facebook and I have also seen people making money from the program though I haven’t register with them.

According to them, you get paid when you buy recharge card, and pay bills such as DSTV and Starterms bills etc. and that’s not all, they have referral program as well.

Is that not great?

Well, like I usually said: am not the type of person who would post any how programs and invite you to join.

I only share what works for me so you benefit from it too.

Meanwhile, these are just the few out of the things I do to make money online but this is not the end.

There are other things I personally do to earn online using my Smartphone such as designing Blogger and Wordpress Themes, Music art Covers etc.

Drop your comments in the comment box below and I will let you know when I find something very simple and easy that you can do using your Smartphone apart from referral program.

If you have any question, use the comment box and I will reply you in due time.

Yes, that’s just it.

I recommend you start from Referral Marketing, make some good amount of money get yourself a brand new laptop or even fairly used, and start other big stuffs.

And this is the end of this post “How to Make Money with Your Smartphone in Nigeria”

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  1. Thanks for the update 💕💕 you can also update name on any other platforms that I can earn money from in case this my WhatsApp number 08105218685

  2. Thanks for the update 💕💕 you can also update name on any other platforms that I can earn money from in case this my WhatsApp number 08105218685