Instant Kash Income Review, Get Paid Everyday

How to Register and Make Money From Instant Kash Daily

Are you searching for a complete Instant Kash Registration guide? Then you are in the right page.

Yeah, right here on this Page, am going to show you the step by step process to register into the Instant Kash 9Jacnn income program fast and easily and start making money daily direct to bank account.
Are you ready to join the Instant Kash Income program? Click here to register now but if you want to know more before joining, continue reading below...

Our hot topic of discussion for today is Instant Kash Income Program, having discussed much about other news and commenting paying sites, undoubtedly Instant Kash income is the No. 1 news and commenting paying site 2019 despite thousands of other income programs sites available in Nigeria.

If you are searching for "how to make money online for beginners 2019", starting with 9jacnn aka instant kash  is a great decision.

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UPDATE: I wrote this Instant Kash review in earlie March 2018 when I started with the Instant Kash program and this is October and I must say instant Kash/ 9jacnn is a legit program.

In fact;

In march I got paid N8,000,  in May I was paid N30,000, and in February 2019 I was paid N75,000 see all proofs below;

So Instant Kash is 100% Legit.

But  wait, is Instant Kash Still paying?

Yes Instant Kash is legit and still paying very well. See some proof for 2019 below

Instant Kash Membership Plan

You Can Select Anyone From The Membership Packages below;

1. Instant Kash Silver Membership Package Registration Cost #1,000

2. Instant Kash Gold Membership Package Registration Cost #1,500

3. Instant Kash Diamond Membership Package  Registration Cost #2,000

See how the packages works below;

No Cheating When You Refer Someone to Instant Kash.

1. As a silver member you pays one thousand naira (#1,000) registration fee and your referrer get paid referrals bonus of can refer any one to register to instant kash.. gold, diamond, and silver members but you cant earn more #750 referral bonus on each person you refer to instant kash unless you upgrade to diamond or gold.

2.As a gold member you pay #1500 for can refer gold or silver members and get up to 75% referral bonus but if you refer a diamond member to the site you still earns #1,125 unless you upgrade to diamond.

3. As a DIAMOND member You Pay two thousand naira (#2,000) to Register and You Can refer someone  And Earn 75% Referral Bonus For Any packages No Restrictions.


You can start with any package, and upgrade later to any higher package of your choice,you would just need to contact the administrator and balance up your payment.

Are you ready to join the Instant Kash income program right now and start making money daily?

WhatsApp/call Mr Ok for registration guide at +2348161895792 or click here.

How To Register

Step 1: Put in your correct details like full name, Phone number, Username, email etc.

See screenshot below

Step 2: Select Paystack as your payment option and Pay your registration fee using your ATM Card.

What is Paystack Payment?
Paystack enables you to use your ATM Card to pay for the Instant Kash Income pack.

With paystack payment, no need to going to bank to deposit money in any account, you can pay with your bank online as well.

Once your payment is complete, your account will be approved immediately, no need to wait.

If the payment with paystack doesn’t go through, try it again, it might be network.

Step 3: Start Making Money Easily
Instant Kash is the best news paying site for now and they are paying very well.

So you don’t need to be afraid.

I have received my September & October Payment as well, so stop whatever you are doing right now, go to their Instant Kash here with your registration fee, register
and start making money too now.

How To Make Money On
Instant Kash/9jacnn Income site

Instant Kash Income Program has two ways of earning

SARS: Instant Kash Ads Revenue Sharing – With instant kash SARS, members earn by login in to their Instant Kash account daily, Coenting, Reading news, posting, and sharing sponsored post on Facebook.

IAP: Instant Kash Affiliate Program – With IAP, you automatically became an affiliate once you join Instant Kash and you also get 75% commission when you invite your friend to join the Instant Kash income. You can withdraw your referral bonus any time.

1. SARS: As a participant, Instant Kash share ads revenue with you when you participate in activities monthly, minimum withdrawal is N3000.

2. Daily login: You earn N100 when you login to your account everyday.

3. Reading news: You earn N5 on each latest post you open and N4 for comments.

4. Sharing sponsored post on
social media such as Facebook: Instant Kash assign a sponsored post to all their members in their dashboard to share on their social media timeline daily, you earn N150 Naira daily on sponsored post you share on Facebook as recommended.

Daily Quiz: You also earn N500 when you participate in daily quiz  and win

So now that you know everything about instant kash income program, don't miss this great opportunity, time wait for nobody Register and start making money now?.

WhatsApp/call Mr Ok for registration guide at +2348161895792 or click here.

Pls, kindly use the comment box below if you have any issue on the registration process.

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