Best 30 Ways on How to make Money Online in Nigeria 2019

Here are the 30 best ways you can make money online in Nigeria 2019. I have also given a lot of links to read to read and understand more and how to get started. Below is a lot of online money making opportunities in Nigeria in 2019.
Let’s go

Create a Search Engine
A search engine is an internet software that is officially designed for internet users to get information’s from the World Wide Web.  

Examples of search engines are; Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

You can create your own search engine and start making money from promoting peoples products and selling of ads spaces. You can make a lot of money from search engine if you know how to operate it to get more users.

Many people who own search engines are making millions or even billions daily. Examples of some search engines owned by Nigerians are;,, and a lot more.

Few people who own search engines make money online through advertising in the search results.

It’s not that difficult to create a search engine. There many already made search engine scripts out there you can buy and build your own search engine. 

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Start a Forum or Social Media

Don’t doubt yourself, you can do it just like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you too can start your own social media network here in Nigeria.

A social network is a website that enables people to register, chat with each other, and make new friends.

It doesn’t matter if it’s big like Facebook or not. Just start somewhere and invite your friends and families to sign up. Few people who create small forums like Nairaland and 02forum are now making it big.

Forum grows faster than ordinary blog because it’s the users that create and post contents to make the forum busy.

Examples of big forums in Nigeria today are Jakobian, Nairaland, Guruslodge and many more. The owners of these forums make a lot of money daily via Google AdSense, advertising and affiliate marketing.

It’s not too hard to build a forum or social media. All you need to do is to buy a forum or social media scrip from experts and install.

After that, promote your social network or forum to get more users to register. Once people know about your forum, they will come to advertise on your forum. You can also use your forum to make money from affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.

Start Video Streaming Website

    These days’ people love to watch videos online and that’s why YouTube is now the 2ndbiggest search engine in the world after Google. Having your own Video streaming website is one of the best ways to make money online.

    Do you know that more than 600 million people search for How to Make Money Online daily on YouTube? You can make money from Google AdSense, Paid Download or Affiliate Marketing.

    Notjustok, IbakaTV, and IrokoTV are the first people who started video Streaming websites in Nigeria, they also have channel on YouTube and they are making it big.
    It’s not too difficult to own a search engine in Nigeria

    There are free videos streaming script you can use to build your own website. Just buy a Wordpress hosting from any web server and install it on your site. Hosting is very cheap compared to the amount of money you will be making daily when it goes life.

    Start an Online Store

      Online store is gaining more popularity in Nigeria day by day. People now prefer to buy things at the comfort of their home. It’s not because they are too big or lazy, but its fun to buy something online and get it delivered right to your door.

      The pay on delivery products makes online shopping more interesting. Buyers aren’t afraid of scam because they pay only after they have received the product they ordered.
      Is that not great?  That is why Jumia and other online store rocks in Nigeria. Within four years Jumia online store is now considered as a multibillion business.

      Presently, you can sell almost everything online, products like apps, phones, food products, software, eBooks etc.

      It’s very easy to build an online store in Nigeria.

      As a matter of fact, you can start online store konga or jumia at any level. You can use Bigcommerce or Magentorto start.

      Magento enables you to sell your products online. You get a hosting, design, shopping cart, SEO and lot more for free. This is where big companies like konga and jumia built their online store. If you want to start your online store with small capital, you can buy a hosting and install from Wordpress, use Woocomerce plugin with responsive theme and that’s all.

      Build Affiliate Shop

      Just like Jumia and Konga, you can create an affiliate website and make money online. This may be rare but few people who use it are making it big.

      The different between affiliate shop and online store is that, when you start affiliate shop, you are not fully involved in the product sales and delivery. Here, once your customer clicks on the Buy, they will be redirected to a page where they will be ask to make payment for the product they clicked. And once they buy the product, you will get your sales commission. This is a new way to make money online in Nigeria.

      It’s not too hard to own a affiliate shop in Nigeria. All you need is a domain and Wordpress hosting, a premium theme and plugin and that’s all.

      Start Entertainment Blog

      Presently, 70% of people who visits internet are reading entertainment articles. They love reading celebrity news, celebrity gossip, celebrity net worth etc.

      So, if you are interested in entertainment, build a blog on it and you will come back to this blog to thank me.

      There are plenty of music and entertainment blog sites in Nigeria. Popular once are Naijaloaded,,, Bellanaija and a lot more. They make millions of dollars from Google AdSense every month.  

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