Ultimate Guide How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2019

How to make money online in Nigeria 2019 – Oknaija.com.ng has discovered not less than 30 ways to make over N100, 000 monthly direct to your bank account in Nigeria. The best way to make money online easily is to learn from professionals. That is what oknaija.com.ng is all about. On this blog you will see best and latest ways to make money online easily in Nigeria.

Okafrica.com.ng publishes Ultimate Guide on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2019. In this article, i am  going to show you different ways to earn from the internet with your Smartphone or PC. Below are some of the topics I teach here; Affiliate Marketing, Information Marketing, Online freelancing etc.

As a matter of fact, this blog “okayafrica.com.ng” makes at least $2000 dollars monthly. This amount may be small but it’s because the blog is still new (7 months old).  It will make times 20 of this in the next 5 – 6 years. Keep reading I will show you my evidence later.

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In this article, am also going to teach you how to create products you can sell online such as software’s, Apps, eBooks and more, you can sell them and earn extra money online. Am also going to show you different ultimateaffiliate Strategies you can use to double your income online in Nigeria 2019.

You will learn a lot of things here if you are very attentive. I took my time to write this article to share with you the simple and easiest way to make money online in Nigeria. Again let me remind you, don’t just read and go, be ready to take action after reading this article because you are not going to make 1 kobo if you read and fail to take action.

There are plenty ways to make money online in Nigeria 2019. As a matter of fact, there are over 1000 different ways you can make money online in Nigeria. I will teach you how to make money online easily and fast. Below are some of the strategies most experts used to unlock online wealth.

Yeah, am also going to teach you some ideas that are still working in Nigeria perfectly. This website “Okayafrica.com.ng” has a complete ultimate guide for anyone one who is searching for how to make money online in Nigeria 2019.

I will advise you choose one or two of the online business ideas am about to share with you to maximize your income online.

But before I begin, let me tell you about the NigeriaInternet Marketplace and how it works.

How Do we Use Internet in Nigeria?

According to Internet eye stat, Nigeria is one of the countries with highest internet users.

The Nigeriapopulation is very large in number (it’s said to be about 190 million people and growing) over 70 million Nigerians use Google and other popular search engines everyday to get information from the internet.

The availability of android phone has made the internet accessibility to be very easy. Anybody can now access the internet anywhere.  

The best thing about it is that, almost everything can be done on the internet.  There are thousands of internet business ideas you can choose one out of it and make extra income for yourself.

In this article, I will show you different and fast ways you can make money online in Nigeria.

Let’s go

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2019

Undoubtedly, the best way to make money online is to provide a service or sell your products to people who need them. You can also make money online in Nigeria without investment.

Just like some other online business, you will either need to invest your money or time or even both.

How I Make Money Online in Nigeria.

Undoubtedly, many people who wrote how to make money online do not know how to do it perfectly. Most of them are not experts.

I personally make money from these below;

1.     Affiliate Marketing,
2.     Google Adsense,
3.     Direct Advertising,
4.     Freelancing,
5.     Information Marketing.

     Affiliate Marketing
I have made a lot of money from affiliate marketing and I receive the money direct to my bank account here in NIgeria.
      Konga Affiliate: I make money from Konga affiliate program.

Commission Junction:  In October, 2019 I make $150 dollars from Commission junction and withdrawn it direct to my bank account here in Nigeria.

Those are my source of income online. So stop waiting for company or government job, start something online now. You can make money online too.

Google AdSense
The picture you are seeing below is my 2 months Google AdSense earning dashboard. I have received the money into my Nigerialocal bank.
My Google AdSense dashboard (click on the picture to see larger image)

That’s a brief about this blog and what I do. So, let me show you how experts make money online in NIgeriaeasily.

Let’s go

Why you should start an online Business.

See some reasons below

Low Startup Capital: this is different from offline business that you will need some money to rent a shop space; here you do not need a physical outlet to showcase your inventory. So,this way, you can save a lot of money.

Always Open for Business: for instance, if you have a website that you have set up a payment gateway like Paystack anyone can pay you anytime and anywhere in the world.

Work anywhere you are: Sometimes I do work in cafĂ©, and sometimes I work from my home. So it’s left for you, you can work anywhere you are as far as you have internet connection. With online business, you can become rich while you sit at home.

Access to Global Market: do you have access to both global and local market? As for me, 90% of my students online come from foreign countries and that has touched my business positively.

Cost Saving: Unlike offline business that you will have to spend money to rent a classroom to conduct my class, now I teach my students online, now I save the transportation cost, I save the rental and logistics, you can also save a lot of money if you decide to run an online business like me.

Five Types of Online Business you can start
Here, am going to show you some online business you can consider to start.

Selling Physical Products Online: Most of online business is selling physical products. For instance, if you create, design or you make shoe, you can sell them online via your website or blog. So you can set up a blog and put all your products online and when people come to your blog and see them, they can just make payment. After you receive the money you can deliver the items that they have ordered to them.

Selling Digital Products: These are products like eBooks, audios, software or online videos. These are different from physical products. When people make payment, they receive link to download them. Here you don’t have to spend money to ship these products to your customers address. You can received your payment and deliver your products to those ordered for them from the comfort of your home.

Selling Services Online:  There is this popular website called Fiverr.com, you can find a lot of people offering their service to you for a small fees. If you know how to create things like logo design, writing of articles, programming, and video animation.  You can offer these services to people via this popular website called Fiverr.com.  Just go to fiverr, sign up and list your services there.

Selling Other People’s Products: This is very common when it comes to online business. Here instead of offering your service to people, you will promote or sell other people’s products. This is popularly known as affiliate marketing. This is how it works, as an affiliate, you don’t need to have your own, you don’t need to create or design your own products, and all you need to do is look for products like these online and become their affiliate and start promoting their product. 

for example, if you go to Amazon, you will see an offer called Amazon associates.  If you sign up and become a member, you will see your affiliate link in your Amazon dashboard. Then you can start to promote any Amazon product. 

You can send your Amazon link to your family and friends and if anyone click on the link and purchase any product from Amazon, you get a commission. The sweetest thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t need to create your own product before you can start. All you need to do is to register and start promoting other people’s products.

Selling Advertising Space: if you own a popular blog or website, you can sell an advertising space to small businesses or even big companies to advertise their services. This has a disadvantage for beginners who do not have a popular website or blog; this will take a long time.

How Much Money Do I need to start an online Business

Let me break it down for you

  1.  Bluehost ($10 year)
  2.  Bluehost ($0.99 for first time)

If you want to start an online business, you will need to have a blog or website. And for you to have a blog or website, you need to have two things (Domain and Hosting). A domain is the name of your website. For example, my domain name is okayafrica.com.ng.  It cost about 5 dollars or more to register a domain name. You can register at Bluehost.com.

After buying domain, the next thing is hosting. It’s compulsory for you to have a hosting because your blog need a server to store your data. Hosting may cost about $50 dollars annually or less. I recommend Namecheap or Bluehost for web hosting.

Web design

Now that you have both domain and hosting ready, the third thing is web development. We have two ways to create a website or blog.

You can hire someone to do it for you: Depending on what you want, it may cost $100 - $500 depending on how you want your website to look like.

You can learn and design it yourself: Designing a website isn’t too hard especially if you know how to use Wordpress. You can use Wordpress to build a beautiful website without writing any programming code.

Product Development: If you want to sell a physical product, you have to sit down and calculate the amount you are going to use to create the product. If you are buying the product from someone and reselling it with higher amount, then you have to find out the amount of money you are going to spend on the product that you are selling. It may be very costly if you are selling a physical item. No product development fee is involved for affiliate marketing. So you do not have to budget for the development fee, if you are starting an online business.

Email Service Provider:  A lot of people don’t consider this in their startup cost. This email service provider is software that helps you in communicating with your customers, no matter how much they are.  For instance if you have 10,000 subscribers on your blog, autoresponder  can help you to maintain communication with these clients via their email addresses. There are a lot of autoresponder you can use but I will recommend GetResponse, I spend about $30 -$40 monthly keep GetResponse  autoresponder working.  Getresponse is very nice because you can send a lot of emails at once. If you are using your yahoo or Gmail, these companies will not allow you to send many emails at once. That’s why you need emails service provider, so that you can send emails to many people in one time.

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  2. Please I need your help to start web design program please teach me how
    This my WhatsApp number 08105218685