How Can You Make Money Online With 2000 Naira?

Making money online normally looks very difficult for Nigerians because of the fact that there are no much details about this topic.

Few years back I don’t know much about the ways to earn money online in Nigeria until realize that I could make money online even with 2000 naira.

You may think that am lying or joking but in this article I will show you how I started making good money online in Nigeria with 2000 naira.

How to Make Money Online

It started in December 2018, I had already finished my HND program and I had just returned back to my home town with some money.

However, within the space of four weeks, I was broke because I have used the money to get some food items and other things.  During this period, I started searching for job but couldn’t find one and started searching for alternative ways to make money to take care of myself.

So, I started searching online for business opportunities to make money online with my smartphone or PC but most of the jobs I saw were not for Nigerians. I was getting frustrated and depressed until I read an article about selling gift cards.

Trading Gift Cards Opens Door of Opportunity

In case you don’t know, gift cards are debit cards that have been loaded with big amount of money that are usually given out by online stores. The popular gift card I started trading in back then in 2018 was iTunes card given by Amazon gift card.

What I usually did then was to buy gift cards at a cheaper rate and resell them for a higher value to make gains. I began by selling $20 Amazon gift cards. I bought the $20 gift card at the rate of 2000 Naira and resold it for 16 pounds online. Using the exchange rate of one dollar equal to 360 naira, I was able to make a profit of 1680 Naira per transaction.

I continued this business for a month and these profits started to increase to the extent that I started to make gain of 50,000 Naira monthly from gift card buying and selling business.
Which platform did I use for my gift card buying and reselling business? The fact is that I was not sure that there were payment platforms that were made for Nigerians.

Also, most of the articles I read online got negative reviews but later I came across this article that recommended a popular platform called Coincola. I checked it out, did my research on it and I found out that Coincola is okay for my needs.

How I Make Money Trading Gift Cards on Coincola

The first day I checked out this platform called Coincola, I discovered it is the best gift card market place for trading. Coincola is a gift card marketplace for trading, owned by a China Based man Hong Chu.

The platform is one of the gift card marketplaces that I love and enjoy trading on because of the several advantages that the platform provides for Nigerians.  Unlike other foreign gift card platforms, Coincola allows you to withdraw your money directly to local bank account.

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