See How Much Aliko Dangote Made in 2019

Africa’s richest man, Dangote, became $5 billion richer than before in 2019 as his business continued to grow more on the back of investment in flour and cement, sugar and spaghetti.

The 64 years old businessman and who is also the africa’s most richest man ended the decade with the amount of $17 billion, making him the 95th richest man in the universe, according to BBi.
Dangote was born into a wealthy family of Muslim traders in the north, he started his own business as selling cement at the age of 31.

He later moved to manufacturing the building material in the early 1990s, he was helped by government policies that pave ways for him.

His biggest companies includes the biggest cement factory on the continent, the Lagos state Dangote cement Plc. That is one of the companies that have been making his business to grow faster.

The year 2020 could be a good year for the billionaire, who has almost completed one of the world biggest oil company in Nigeria.

The refinery has the capacity to produce more than Nigerian’s fuel consumption and can change Nigeria economy from bad to good.

Dangote is also constructing a new fertilizer company on the same site.

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